Eyenalyze incorporates all aspects of your back-office management software into a clean, user-friendly experience that is available on any device with an internet connection. Easily take a glance at your daily sales, food cost, labor, and bottom-line at near real-time.

“Eyenalyze is a product I’ve been looking for my entire 30 years in the restaurant business. Seeing profit and losses of all 14 locations on a daily basis will save our company thousands of dollars every year. In addition Eyenalyze allows me to quickly teach managers of our 14 U.S. Pizza locations to manage their break-even point and how menu mix affect the store.” – Drew Weber, chief operating officer, U.S. Pizza.

“Eyenalyze gives a clear view of the important information and daily trends of our business allowing us to quickly see what is working as well as what may need changing within our restaurant operations.” – Steve Beene, Owner, Fillin Station Grille.

“Eyenalyze has revolutionized our accounting system! It‘s simpler, easier and much more efficient and our systems are integrated allowing us to avoid manual data entry. In addition to increasing accuracy in our systems, Eyenalyze has also improved morale in our company by eliminating redundant work that our staff abhorred. With Eyenalyze we have been able to improve efficiency by almost 40 percent!” – D Alan Bubbus, President, David’s Burgers.